Online publications

Overview of prominent journals

The leading French legal publication Gazette du Palais

The International Arbitration Institute. Important arbitration portal providing good insight into the international arbitration community. Includes a major up-to-date online catalogue of published articles on arbitration

International Business Law Journal (IBLJ). Online publication with various articles in English and French on arbitration.

Very large database with legal articles

The Virtual Library Section on Private Dispute Resolution – arbitration database.

Model Arbitration Law Quarterly Reports. Publication with text and comments on international arbitration cases.

Large database with material on arbitration

American database containing legal material. Subscription required.

International news on inter alia arbitration from LexisNexis Mealey. Subscription required is a search engine with particularly comprehensive information on international law, including arbitration. The search engine operates in the same way as Google and access is free of charge. TransLex is created at the Center of Transnational Law of the University of Cologne with professor Dr. Klaus Peter Berger in charge. TransLex has replaced the Transnational Law Database (TLDB).

Westlaw Next America. Subscription required

Publications and articles from the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).

Articles on arbitration from the law firm of SALANS. See for example articles by professor Hamid G. Gharavi.